• Paul Burgwin

Cyber Secure - You sure?

How easily is your security bypassed

You may have invested in anti-virus/malware solution, DNS proxy protection, next-generation firewalls and maybe even SIEM & SOC services. You are probably feeling confident about your cyber security.

For the past year, I have been a Cyber Essentials (CE) auditor. Although CE is a self-certified service, my audits aimed to ensure required standards are met, rather than just crossing off a checklist. I'm my experience, not one company would have passed their CE, regardless of the products they invested in. Worse was that some of these companies had already passed their CE!

One of these Cyber Essentials certified companies fell victim to huge ransomware attack just weeks after claiming to be of the Cyber Essentials standard. This incident preventing their 200+ staff from working over the 3 day period of recovery, estimated productivity loss would be well above £50000.

Being CE certified and sure of the standards being fully applied to your network and policies followed, doesn't guarantee that breaches won't happen, but it will help. The clue is really in the name, Cyber Essentials is just the basic policy and setting standards for your network and sits below your bells and whistles products. It is important to realise how your network is secured.

Looking at the number of open RDP ports, it is absolutely shocking. As of today, Shodan is listing over 53000 open RDP's in the UK. For example, if your port RDP 3389 is completely open to the world, it is probably not required. Do you know what ports are open on your firewall and their business justification?

Cyber Essentials certification is not expensive to achieve, but a successful breach can be catastrophic to a business. Protect your business and don’t get caught out by a preventable incident.

These are my things for you to ask your IT Department, to produce for you on a regular basis.

• Active Directory User list

• Weak/Unique Password List

• Firewall Open Port List

• Windows Update +3rd Party Patching Report

• User Login Report

• User Shares Report

Alternatively get independently checked out, it wont cost a fortune and can give you extra peace of mind that what you think is actually happening.


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